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Help’Em Up Harness

A complete shoulder and hip harness system that literally lifts the lives of ageing or recovering dogs!

About the Help’Em Up™ Harness

About the Help’Em Up™ Harness

About the Help’Em Up™ Harness

The Help’Em Up™ Harness is especially helpful for owners whose dogs are feeling the effects of aging or health issues. It’s also perfect for Veterinarians, Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeons, and veterinary rehabilitation therapists who work with dogs recovering from injuries or surgery. By placing a pair of handles where you can quickly reach them, this unique dog harness allows you to lend support at any time.

unique design lifts the dog’s mass from below

Unique Design

The unique design lifts the dog’s mass from below, beneath the chest and pelvis, distributing weight over large padded surfaces. The chest and back panels are lined with new air flow materials and perforated neoprene to keep the harness as cool and comfortable as possible. Straps are also covered with neoprene sleeves and areas of most friction are covered with super soft micro fleece.

Cat with harness

Comfortable and Easy To Clean

Constructed of neoprene, the harness is buoyant and perfect for getting pups in and out of water. It’s machine washable with mild detergent so it cleans up easily – but we recommend you let it air dry for greater longevity. We do not recommend the use of bleach or other harsh detergents but mild soaps work great.


Most male dogs can use the conventional harness without issue, as their penis generally will come out in front of the belly band – giving them good clearance to urinate. However, for those male dogs whose penis starts further back, between their hind legs, the tip of their penis may be partially covered by the belly band. For them we have a male version that provides a cutout for penis clearance.

The Conventional Hip Lift
The U-band Hip Lift

The Conventional Hip Lift

The best fit for all females and most males. The conventional version of our dog lifting harness has a solid belly band and works very well for all female dogs and many male dogs. It has two fasteners on the belly band, for easier centering, an ergonomically designed belly band, to fit under the pelvis and padded support straps. For most male dogs, the penis comes out forward of the belly band, allowing them to urinate freely. We recommend this version for most dogs.

The pelvic pad is made of neoprene and covered with fleece. It should be positioned under the pelvic plate, to provide additional support for the hips and spine.

The U-band Hip Lift

The ultimate dog support harness for 5% male dogs whose penis is located farther back between or even with the front of hind legs. The U-shaped opening in the belly band provides clearance for those male dogs who may be hindered from urinating by the conventional version. These dogs have a penis that is located further back between their hind legs. The U-shaped opening helps them to urinate freely.

The extension (U-band) used to create this opening is padded but even so we do not recommend letting dogs lay in it for extended periods of time.


Determining the correct size of your help ém up support harness for your dog is based on two things – weight and measurements. Weight guides the initial size and the measurements for neck, chest and waist give us a more precise sizing. Because each dog is unique, the harness is designed to provide as much flexibility as possible.

While some dogs gain weight with age, others may slim down. Some hip and spine issues can cause the chest of dogs to remain larger while their hips and waist become narrower. In some cases, we may need to use a large front half together with the medium in Hip Lift. If your dog’s weight is on the cusp of our dog harness sizes, we recommend sizing down



4.5 - 11KG

Best Suited For:

Miniature and toy-sized breeds such as Yorkshire and Silky Terriers, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Shih-tzus, small Dachshunds and Pugs. It can be also be used in cats and rabbits. Contact us for purchase if your pet is under 2kg.


Neck: 20-58cm
Chest: 25-69cm
Waist: 25-56cm

Small Help Em Up


11KG - 20KG

Best Suited For:

Smaller breeds such as Beagle, Corgi, King Charles Spaniel, Whippet, Shelties and Schnauzers. Suited for a broad range of smaller dogs and the lighter versions of medium-sized breeds.


Neck: 25-66cm
Chest: 25-96cm
Waist: 35-75cm



20KG TO 36KG

Best Suited For:

Medium sized breeds such as Boxers, Greyhounds, Spaniels, Border Collies, smaller sized Retrievers and many mixed breed dogs.


Neck: 30-81cm
Chest: 40-111cm
Waist: 50-110cm



36KG - 56KG

Best Suited For:

Large Breeds such as Retrievers (Labradors and Goldens), German Shepherds, Huskies, Akitas, Dobermans, Weimeraners and Rottweilers.  
Best suited for medium built dogs up to larger heavier dogs and slimmer, lighter versions of the largest breeds. Best suited for medium built dogs up to larger heavier dogs and slimmer, lighter versions of the largest breeds. Best suited for medium built dogs up to larger heavier dogs and slimmer, lighter versions of the largest breeds.


Neck: 40-91cm
Chest: 50-162cm
Waist: 55-120cm




Best Suited For:

Bernese Mountain, Swiss Mountain, Mastiff’s, St. Bernard, Great Dane, Newfoundlands, Leonbergers, Bull Mastiff.  
For many of these larger dogs much of their weight is in their legs and for many of them their torsos are slimmer than you might expect. These dogs will have excellent results with the X-Large size dog harness. It has worked well for many dogs in 100kg range. It really just depends on how their weight is distributed. Larger rear handle on the Hip Lift provides comfort and support when lifting very large dogs.


Neck: 45-96cm
Chest: 76-175cm
Waist: 66-142cm


Walking Loop

The Help ‘Em Up Walking Loop comes in pairs and they can be clipped onto the Help ‘Em Up harness in a variety of ways for enhanced support when walking your dogs.

Walking Handle

The Help ‘Em Up Walking Handle is a walking lead that works well with XS and S sizes of Help ‘Em Up harness with a rotating handle that lets your dog walk freer with your support.

User Guide

Fitting 1
  • The first time you put the harness on your dog, it’s easier to separate the front half from the Hip Lift portion. The more you use it, the easier it is to put on.
  • With the large handle to the top, slip the front half of the harness over your dog’s head, as shown. The handle should rest on top of your dog’s spine.
Fitting 2
  • Reaching down between the front legs, pull the bottom half of the harness between the front legs. Lifting each strap up one at a time, bring the male half up to the female half at the top, near the handle.
  • Insert the male half of the fastener into the female half and repeat with the other side.
Fitting 3
  • After the fasteners are attached, you can make adjustments to the length of each strap – four total. Ideally, you are trying to position the bottom of the harness under the chest of your dog.
  • All straps are padded with neoprene sleeves maximizing comfort for your dog. Use the neoprene sleeves to tuck the excess strap in, leaving a little loop of the strap exposed to tighten when needed. Straps will loosen with use. Occasional tightening will be necessary.
Fitting 4
  • Once the front half is on, open the back half by unfastening one of the two main connectors and the two narrower straps at the back. Position the handle directly over the top of the spine and connect the back Hip Lift to the front half with the main connector strap.
  • Pull the unconnected fastener under your dog’s belly and connect it at the top as shown at left. You can now adjust the belly band to center the two bottom straps under your dog’s pelvis. For the male version, adjust the belly band forward or back to place the U-shaped opening slightly forward of your dog’s penis by adjusting the length of the main connector strap at the top.
Fitting 5
  • Pull the two trailing straps up on either side of your dog’s tail and connect. Now position the pelvic pad directly under your dog’s pelvis. It can be moved by releasing and reattaching the Velcro.
  • The pelvic pad should fit right between your dog’s rear legs. You may have to make a few adjustments to position it by fastening and unfastening the two trailing straps in order get it perfectly positioned. The pelvic pad is optional and can be removed if your male dog is still intact as it may cause fitting issues.


  • Use only on dogs as an aide in lifting or restraining. The dog harness will need to be adjusted to properly fit each dog’s dimensions.
  • Do not leave the dog lifting harness on a dog for over-extended periods of time–use it as needed and then take it off.
  • Loosen straps especially if your dog wants to lie down in it, to help prevent hot spots, any chaffing or overheating with sensitive skin.
  • Take it off at night and let your dog sleep without it.
  • Use proper care and clean regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Neither males or females have problems defecating with the dog harness – as the support straps that come up between their hind legs are held apart by the dogs tail, giving consistent clearance for defecation. Female dogs have no urinating issues for the same reason. Most male dogs can use the conventional harness without issue, as their penis generally will come out in front of the belly band – giving them good clearance to urinate.

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