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The GingerLead is a soft, padded belly sling with a leash & handle to help dogs with weak hind legs walk. It's ideal for aging or disabled dogs needing some assistance with their balance or mobility, dogs suffering from arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or other debilitating conditions, or dogs recovering from knee, hip or back injuries.

About the GingerLead

The GingerLead is recommended by veterinarians, veterinary orthopaedic surgeons and veterinary rehabilitation therapists as a post-operative or post-injury recovery sling, to help rehabilitate pets after surgically repaired hips or stifles (knees) or during rehabilitation from injury to back or legs. It also helps to provide rear support and stability for elderly dogs with weak hind legs.


The GingerLead dog sling has a soft inner lining, where it comes into contact with your dog’s skin or fur, and a durable exterior.  It is easily used by passing the support sling under the belly and bringing the straps, which extend from each end of the support sling, together with the attached padded handle.

For additional control, a leash extends from the handle and connects to your dog’s collar or chest harness with a snap hook, just like any other leash. The straps that extend from the support sling and the leash are adjustable.  The leash is also detachable.

Easy to use

Adjustable to fit most breeds

Soft, padded belly sling designed to minimize bunching

Integrated handle & leash maximizes control, safety & comfort

Male slings available

Machine washable

Only one hand needed to help your dog walk

Made in USA

User Guide

Adjusting the GingerLead

The GingerLead is adjustable to fit various sizes of dogs and owners.

Support Pad

Sliders, attached to the straps on each side of the support pad, allow the straps to be lengthened or shortened. Position the sliders at the same location on each side of the support pad to keep the strap length the same on both sides. The handle moves al


Shorten or lengthen the leash through the plastic buckle that attaches to the handle. A strap clip slides along the leash to hold the loose end.

Putting a GingerLead on your Dog

1. Pass the sling under your pet’s belly holding the straps on each side of your dog. The handle should always be on the left side of your pet.

2. Hold the handle with attached leash on top. The corduroy lining in the handle should be facing down. Align the free strap on the right side of your dog under the handle.

3. Wrap the handle under and around the free strap and close the ends of the handle together so that the free strap is inside the handle and the leash is on top.

4. Attach the snap hook from the leash to your dog's collar or a standard chest harness. Now you're ready to go!


Pad Width to base of rib cage

Pad Width to base of rib cage

Length includes support pad, straps, handle AND space between your hand and your dog’s back

Length includes support pad, straps, handle AND space between your hand and your dog’s back

Mini (unisex)1.5 inches
28-69 inches
Small Male (unisex)3.5 inches
37-60 inches
Small Female4 inches
37-60 inches
Medium / Large Unisex5.5 inches
38-60 inches
Large Female7.5 inches
38-60 inches
Tall Male5 inches
26-37 inches
Tall Female7.5 inches
26-37 inches

NOTE: the Medium/Large size fits most medium male and female dogs plus large male dogs

Introduction Tips

Some dogs take right to the GingerLead, and some require practice. A dog may initially appear confused, and even resist walking. So let's try to make it easy for them. 

Note: These are just suggestions. Any instructions from your veterinarian for your dog's specific condition should always take precedence.

Let your dog smell the GingerLead and let them know this new contraption is here to help. You want to encourage a positive experience.

Start on a flat surface where your dog is most comfortable. Achieve success on easier terrain before trying to tackle stairs.

Your dog will be looking to YOU for direction. Be patient, but show confidence. Use the commands you typically use during walks to have them heel.

Use treats and/or another person to help coax your dog.

Your first couple of tries, do not lift too much on the sling. Let your dog get a feel for walking just knowing the GingerLead is there. Give your dog positive reinforcement when walking with the GingerLead. Once your dog begins to feel comfortable with t

If your dog has some hind end mobility, allow them to try use their legs. Do not let their legs dangle.

You can attach the leash from the GingerLead to a standard chest harness instead of a collar, to add some front end support. Chest harness is not included.

NEVER lift a dog entirely off the ground when the leash of the GingerLead is attached to a dog's collar.

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